Petnap Heated Pads and Beds

My cats and dogs just love curling up for a satisfying nap, in the warmest spot they can find. A petnap heating pad is the perfect way to guarantee there’s a cozy place for them, whatever the weather. This can be especially useful for older pets, or those with a litter of puppies or kittens.

If you're concerned about keeping your pup warm this winter, Petnap 
has a heat pad that promises to keep your pooch the perfect temperature all year round.

The clever pad works by reflecting your dog's heat back to the heat pad, keeping them warm as they sleep, with no need for blankets or turning the heating on at night-time.

This pad is designed to heat up to between 38 and 40 degrees C approximately 20c above the ambient air temperature. Once your pet lies on the mat, which is the normal body temperature of both cats and dogs.

If you work away from home for long hours, and would love to offer your beloved pet a comfortable spot to snooze while you’re away, then providing them with a heating pad could be the perfect choice. Those of us with cats know they love to find the warmest spot in the house, whether that’s a patch of sunshine on the floor, or a heating pad. If you have a small, thin-skinned dog, they can sometimes feel the cold. Popping a heating pad into their bed can make a big difference to their comfort levels.


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