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The Essential items, Our must have whelping items

Whelping Box – We went down the DIY route at the start as we couldn’t find anything online to suit our budget-this was our first mistake it sounds very straight forward making a  whelping box  from wood etc but by the time we actually finished buying all the wood and screws etc we definitely could of saved money buying a purpose made one that would of certainly done a better job also. Update: Our friends really like and have recommended the plastic whelping box from Petnap and this is the box I am likely to buy next time round. Whelping Heat Mat  – You could just use a hot water bottle or heat lamp of course but both options have many draw backs so this is something that we really didn’t mind shelling out a few quid on. You can pick a heat pad up on all the usual places like the online auction sites etc but we have had one in the past I can’t remember how long ago but I certainly can’t find it these days, that too was a  Petnap  heat pad although they don’t sell the original o

Your New Puppy

Puppies are a playful element to bring into any household, with their boundless energy and enthusiasm. Getting them settled into any new house is vital for their and your wellbeing, and really accentuating that family household feeling as soon as possible. As with any member of the family, you want them to feel at home and as comfortable as they can be. With a new puppy in the house it can be difficult to entrust leaving this endless bundle of energy alone whilst you go to bed, or have to pop out to run an errand. Despite wanting to give them free reign to explore and tire themselves out, we also have to think about creating some boundaries and teaching them about structure and rules. It can simply also be down to not wanting the house to be turned upside down upon your return. For when you leave the house it is ideal to create a boundary, be it choosing a room (usually the kitchen) to kit out with their food and water, gated to prevent your puppy exploring the rest of your house.

Benefits of Flexiguard Heat Pads

Whether you have a litter of puppies, an outdoor boarding facility or a beloved pet who feels the cold over winter, there is a Flexiguard Heat Pad that is ideal for you! All cats and dogs are susceptible to feeling the cold over our long winters but none more so than the young, elderly or those recovering from an illness. For proprietors of catteries and kennels, the challenge of this variety of pets all with differing needs is something that may be faced during the colder months, particularly those with outdoor runs. The Flexiguard Heat Pad is your answer! Suitable for use at home, in a veterinary surgery or in  kennels and catteries .  Available in three different sizes and powered by mains electricity, the Flexiguard Heat Pad for cats and dogs is designed to be left on continuously at a minimal running cost – less than 1p per day! Manufactured to high standards from aluminium to effectively conduct heat, the pad should be covered with a specially designed Cosi Cover from