Finding the correct Stud Dog for Breeding!

  Are you a breeder? If so, you will know the importance of the stud dog for successful breeding. If you are new to breeding , then you must know selecting the correct stud dog is the most important part of breeding. The male dog used in breeding is known as the stud dog. When you have a female dog, you need to select the stud dog that will help you get the best results from breeding. You need to choose a dog with a good pedigree or having the traits you prefer. The process of selecting a stud dog can be daunting. After all, there are so many stud dogs to be found. To help you make an easy decision, we have some guidelines. They will help you objectively find the right stud dog for breeding. Guidelines on finding the correct stud dog   1) Decide about lineage   When you are breeding dogs, you may be concerned about the lineage. You would want to maintain a pedigree through the breeding. In such a case, you need to find out the pedigree of the stud dog before choosing i

Cleaning your whelping box

The  whelping box is there to  help keep new-born babies safe and warm in a closed area soon after their birth. There are DIYs available online that help you make a whelping box for the pups. There are many such boxes available in the market also easily. Once your dog gives birth to the puppies, it is essential to keep the box clean to make sure that the puppies are healthy and don’t get infected. The process of keeping the whelping box clean is very easy. I am going to share the process of cleaning the whelping box step-by-step so that it is easy for all the readers to follow. Whelping Box Clean? Be fore starting the process of cleaning it is crucial to keep the supplies handy that you are going to need for cleaning the whelping box . The list of the supplies is given down below: A pair of rubber gl oves Disinfectants Detergent Rugs and towels Tissue papers Sanitizer Process of keeping the whelping box clean try this disinfectant Once you have all the supplies that you will need to cl

Petnap Whelping Boxes

A whelping box, also called a nesting box, is where new born  puppies  will spend the first 20 days of their life. Designing to protect puppies during birth (whelping), it keeps them safely contained, protects them from the cold, and ensures they aren't crushed by their mother. THE POINT OF A WHELPING BOX ? A whelping box or whelping  bed  is a secure zone for your dog to give birth. It is a safe and ideal place for your pregnant dog to give birth. From reusable plastic whelping boxes to cardboard options, there are lots to choose from. You will also need to keep the box warm, so it's advised to choose bedding materials that are soft, warm, have good traction, and are easily cleaned and disinfected. Avoid hay, straw or shavings that can cause eye and skin irritations.  Whelping Boxes

Whelping box

A  whelping box , also known as a  nesting box, whelping den ,  or  whelping pen , is designed to protect  puppies  during birth (whelping) and early life by keeping them safely contained, protected from cold, and safe from the danger of crushing or smothering by the mother. Whelping boxes vary from improvised cardboard boxes, durable high density corrugated plastic to purpose built equipment, typically made of plywood or plastic. Desirable features include ease of cleaning and sanitation, extendibility, and toughness. However, there can sometimes not be enough traction, and with the added factor of an unnaturally flat floor, often puppies can develop, and suffer from what is known as hip dysplasia. A good solution is actually a  whelping den , a new form of whelping that has struck the market for breeders that virtually erases the risk of hip dysplasia for usually less than the cost of losing a single pup. Whelping Dens are available in open, enclosed and enclosed sheds that have fou

Whelping Kit

When whelping puppies, it is very important to be prepared, having what you need on hand is essential for a successful and easy whelp. Whelping Kit   Things you should have prepared include the following:   Phone number for you vet and on call vet in case it is out of hours. It’s a good idea to a friend or other family member available to call on if required. If you do need to make a dash for the vets make sure you have some around for child care. Keep the car with plenty of fuel in the last thing you want to have to do is refuel on the way. ....That’s the emergency part out of the way although everyone hopes not to have to go down that route. What would you need in your whelping kit? Well typically one of these whelping kits from Petnap has everything you ever likely to require.   Contents: * 2oz bulb syringe / nasal aspirator * Scales (up to 5000g) (If purchased with) * LED Torch (inc batteries) * Scissors (sterile, nursing) * Stethoscope (medical gr

Whelping Box

  A  whelping box , also known as a birthing box,  whelping pen and nesting box is used in order to protect the puppies after the whelping process is completed and during the early stages of life when they are most vulnerable. The whelping box keeps them safely contained away from the cold, most whelping boxes also contain rails or poles around the lower edges of which we get asked all the time what these are for and the short answer is they stop the mother crushing the puppies up against the sides of the box which could cause the puppies to become suffocated as well as being crushed. At petnap we sell 2 types of nesting boxes, Disposable Cardboard and Reusable Plastic whelping boxes. Both of these boxes will cope with the duration of the whelping process normally around 6 to 8 weeks before they then move on to a more suitable environment like a play pen as they become ever more adventurous. We stock 5 sizes in both types giving you plenty of choice as also have heavy duty plasti

Cat Bed

  Cats love a comfy cat bed to curl up in.That's why cosy cat beds are a must for every cat. Everyone knows that cats like to sleep, fact, they spend an average of 16 hours a day sleeping so if anyone needs a good cat bed, it’s our fluffy friends. However finding a cat bed that they like is easier said than done! There are so many cat beds available to buy, with a wide range of colours, styles, sizes and prices. Although cats seem very happy to sleep anywhere, they will always enjoy having a comfortable cat bed they can call their own, so it’s well worth spending some time trying to find the right bed.   To help you in this search for the purr-fect bed for your pet look at our range at