Whelping Box


whelping box, also known as a birthing box, whelping pen and nesting box is used in order to protect the puppies after the whelping process is completed and during the early stages of life when they are most vulnerable. The whelping box keeps them safely contained away from the cold, most whelping boxes also contain rails or poles around the lower edges of which we get asked all the time what these are for and the short answer is they stop the mother crushing the puppies up against the sides of the box which could cause the puppies to become suffocated as well as being crushed.

At petnap we sell 2 types of nesting boxes, Disposable Cardboard and Reusable Plastic whelping boxes. Both of these boxes will cope with the duration of the whelping process normally around 6 to 8 weeks before they then move on to a more suitable environment like a play pen as they become ever more adventurous. We stock 5 sizes in both types giving you plenty of choice as also have heavy duty plastic versions in our large 2 sizes.


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