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Whelping Kit

When whelping puppies, it is very important to be prepared, having what you need on hand is essential for a successful and easy whelp. Whelping Kit   Things you should have prepared include the following:   Phone number for you vet and on call vet in case it is out of hours. It’s a good idea to a friend or other family member available to call on if required. If you do need to make a dash for the vets make sure you have some around for child care. Keep the car with plenty of fuel in the last thing you want to have to do is refuel on the way. ....That’s the emergency part out of the way although everyone hopes not to have to go down that route. What would you need in your whelping kit? Well typically one of these whelping kits from Petnap has everything you ever likely to require.   Contents: * 2oz bulb syringe / nasal aspirator * Scales (up to 5000g) (If purchased with) * LED Torch (inc batteries) * Scissors (sterile, nursing) * Stethoscope (medical gr