Your New Puppy

Puppies are a playful element to bring into any household, with their boundless energy and enthusiasm. Getting them settled into any new house is vital for their and your wellbeing, and really accentuating that family household feeling as soon as possible. As with any member of the family, you want them to feel at home and as comfortable as they can be.
With a new puppy in the house it can be difficult to entrust leaving this endless bundle of energy alone whilst you go to bed, or have to pop out to run an errand. Despite wanting to give them free reign to explore and tire themselves out, we also have to think about creating some boundaries and teaching them about structure and rules. It can simply also be down to not wanting the house to be turned upside down upon your return.
For when you leave the house it is ideal to create a boundary, be it choosing a room (usually the kitchen) to kit out with their food and water, gated to prevent your puppy exploring the rest of your house. Another good alternative is to provide a puppy pen that will give protection and enough space to move about in and eat, drink and rest.
Petnap provides a vast range of pet products to suit all budgets and amongst the catalogue are strong puppy pens. To view this and everything else Petnap have to offer pay a visit to petnap.


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