Heated Dog Bed

I have been looking around for at least 2 weeks for a heated dog bed for my cockapoo, I am pleased to announce that mission completed. I looked in all the usual online place eBay, Amazon etc but nothing took my fancy, I came across a couple of websites one of which was Petnap they had about 10 or so heated beds and I would say 50% of them were suitable for dogs. I ended up choosing this one Heated Dog Bed. All Petnap beds feature a internal heat pad in the base which regulates itself to offer heat to approximately 40°c the optimal safe temperature for your pet it is not recommend that you go above this temperature as it will be far too hot for your dog.
The heat pad is situated in the base and runs on normal mains power the cable is covered with  armoured protection for your cat and dogs safety – I wanted a heated bed especially to keep our pet warm and cosy in this cold weather especially as he suffers from the cold. They are very modern and stylish and in some cases a bit wacky designs will compliment most traditional and modern homes with styles to suit all dogs and cats.


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